Small Business Owners

Who need a part time Controller so they can focus on their core service offerings

Prepare and explain monthly, quarterly or annual reports


Pay bills on time upon approval


Invoice clients and make deposits


Process payroll and pay contractors


Who want their household office professionally managed so they can

Focus on other aspects of their life (professional and/or personal)


Take control of daily spending and attain savings and/or debt reduction goals


Be compliant with the Texas Workforce Commission on any household employees


Maximize tax deductions

Guardians and/or Conservators

Who need to report finances annually to the courts

Track protected person’s finances and personal inventory


Provide input to an annual personal status report in accordance with court regulation


Maintain court-ordered confidentiality while bring clarity to your roles

Nonprofit Organizations

Who need a treasurer to stay in accordance with non-profit organization regulations

Manage donors, members and contributions


Prepare financial reports for presentations to Board of Directors


Assist in submitting grant applications


Process payroll and pay bills on time upon approval

Independent Seniors

Who can no longer manage their day to day monetary affairs due to illness or loss of spouse, or simply want to enjoy the fruits of retirement.

Assist with bill pay, mail upkeep and bank deposits


Develop unique budget plans to enhance benefits while prioritizing obligations


Submit insurance claims and monitor reimbursements


Darra Keaton


“I’ve always had a dread of anything involving budgets, taxes and understanding and taking control of my finances. I was a head-in-the-sand artist and had the horrifying money mess that proved it. Karen took me in hand without making me feel like the idiot I was and patiently guided me to solvency. Her efficient but firm manner has changed my attitude and with no exaggeration, my present life and future. She is a pleasure to work with and excellent at inspiring me to change my bad money habits. I’m so glad I found her.”

Geordie M. Hrdlicka, JD, LLM, CFP

Principal at Verde Wealth Group
“Karen has been my cash flow angel. She keeps everything in order, on time, and most importantly in front of me in an easy to understand fashion so I am aware of what is happening. Karen is also proactive and will use any means of communication possible to let me know if I need to handle something quickly. She has brought me peace where this part of my life is concerned.”

Bob Corrigan

President of Rise Soccer Club
“To me, Redding Money Management has brought a critical and thoughtful analysis and perspective to the soccer club’s finances. In our time with RMM, our annual revenues have risen over 50%, to north of $2M, and Karen and her team have kept pace with our growth, helped us manage our finances and generally provided outstanding cost-effective client service.”

Rabbi Amy Weiss

Executive Director at Undies for Everyone
“As a startup non-profit, Undies for Everyone is fortunate to work with Redding Money Management. From the very beginning Karen and her staff have patiently walked us through setting up systems and advising us about best practices. Jasmine gives us great customer service and there is no doubt we have grown so quickly in part because of Redding Management’s knowledge and service.”